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Denetta Watkins is a divorcee with three young boys, but everyone misunderstands her. Lost within her most inner thoughts, Denetta struggles to cope with the reality she imagines and the reality that actually exists.

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We should produce this fruit in our lives.  We all have problems in life and often struggle with producing these kinds of fruit.  Often, we feel that we go through situations and we are the only ones who struggle in this area or that.

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Thank you for visiting my website. My new novel is hot off of the presses and is called MissHappenings. Please visit the book page to read the synapsis and to order your autographed copy TODAY! I hope that you enjoy the book and can spread the word to your family and friends. This book would make a great feature for a book club so if you want more information on how to start one in your area, please check back for updates.

Please take a few moments to browse around to see what new and also check back often for new blog posts. I'm glad you stopped by.

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To Do List

by Chanel Trussell

Many times we set a list for us to take care of certain tasks. We look at the list that contains items such as "pick up dry cleaning", "take Fido to the groomers", "pay the electric bill", etc. We spend countless hours navigating, revising and executing our lists. There is another "list" that we must be careful to evaluate and execute.

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All Praises to God; It's Not About Us

by Chanel Trussell

Yes, we all like to hear words of praise for something that we have done or said. It is a normal part of human nature to want to receive positive feedback and approval from our peers or those in a position of leadership. While words of praise are certainly nice to have, we should be careful how we respond to words of praise.

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Too distracted?

by Chanel Trussell

When we think of busyness, we may first think of Martha. Jesus didn't correct her because she was making preparations. She opened her home and showed hospitality – there's nothing wrong with that. She prepared the meals and made preparations. There is nothing wrong with that either. Martha's issue in this passage of Scripture was that she was distracted. Distracted means: to draw away, to be driven about mentally, to be over-occupied, too busy, about a thing.

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MissHappenings Journey

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